Xbox One X Is For The “Discerning Connoisseur Of Gaming,” Says Spencer

Microsoft’s next console, the Xbox One X, launches worldwide on November 7. Xbox boss Phil Spencer is doing the media rounds to talk about the super-powerful console. One of his stops was on CNBC in New York, where he was asked who he thinks is the target audience for the new system. As he’s said many times in the past, Spencer made it very clear that the Xbox One X is not for everyone.

“This is for the discerning connoisseur of gaming [that] has a 4K television, [who] wants to see the absolute best visuals,” Spencer said. “This box is definitely targeted toward the customer that buys the most and plays the most.”

By comparison, the less expensive Xbox One S, which will remain on sale, is being positioned as the mass-market device. As such, Microsoft believes it will sell much better than the Xbox One X. Spencer said Microsoft having two consoles on the market at the same time is all about giving players choice.

Spencer said at the Brasil Game Show recently that the Xbox One is for people who are looking for the “very best experience” with a home console. It’s all about giving players choice, he said; if they want to spend more for a high-end experience, they can.

The Xbox One costs $500 in the US, meaning it’s about twice the price of the Xbox One S. The new console plays all Xbox One games and works with the same controllers. More than 130 games are getting or already have been updated to take advantage of the Xbox One X’s power, including first-party games like Halo 5 and big-name third-party titles like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

For lots more on the device, check out GameSpot’s feature, “Xbox One X Release Date, Games, Review, And Everything You Need To Know.”

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