Watch The Trailers For The Two Versions Of PUBG Headed To Mobile In China

Earlier this week we reported that Tencent had big plans to bring PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds to mobile in China. Those plans have turned out to be fairly major, as the company is publishing not one but two mobile versions of the game in China.

We know very little about either game, as all we have are to go on (in English, anyway) is a trailer apiece. One is developed by Timi Studio (which Tencent owns) adds naval battles and seems to more heavily emphasize combat, but the trailer for it is more cinematic (though it does look like it takes place using in-game assets). You can watch the trailer for that version below.

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The other, which does not feature naval battle and looks be more in line with the PC version of the game, is being developed by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio. You can watch the trailer for that version here.


Our Take
Tencent’s got two versions, huh? That’s definitely them going all in on PUBG in China, but I wonder if the market will support both games, or if this is Tencent throwing two darts at the wall and seeing which one will stick. I’m also hoping at least one of these games heads to the West at some point.

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