Two PUBG Mobile Games Revealed, Watch The Trailers Now

Two PUBG mobile games have been announced, but they’re only going to be available in China. Chinese internet giant Tencent is behind both of the games, with its Timi Studio making one that adds naval battles. The other game is being made by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio, and it looks like it’s closer to the standard PC version.

According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, both games are being made using Epic’s Unreal Engine 4. You can watch the trailers above and below, and learn more about both games on their websites here and here. There is no word yet as to when or if these games may come to other parts of the world. And since the websites are in Chinese, we’re not exactly clear on all the specifics; but keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

PUBG is still in Early Access and is due to officially launch on PC in late December. Meanwhile, the Xbox One version of the game has an Early Access release date of December 12. We’ve learned about some of the updates coming in the 1.0 launch, including vaulting, climbing, and new vehicles.

A much-anticipated new map is coming to PUBG too. There’s still no release date for it, but we have been getting some advance looks at its desert locale. You can get a look at the new map in the video above, and head over to GameSpot’s full coverage of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds for the latest updates on a future mobile version.

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