A Return To Power

In 2013, Colorado Rockies first baseman Todd Helton used the hidden ball trick to record the final out of an inning, faking a throw to the pitcher to make Matt Carpenter of the St. Louis Cardinals step off of the base. This year’s MLB The Show also appears to have

Not Even Worthy Of The Little Leagues

Chicago Cubs fans had to wait over 100 years for their loveable losers to win another World Series. I fear R.B.I. Baseball hopefuls will be waiting just as long for another respectable version of their game. Since the series’ revival in 2014, R.B.I. Baseball has struggled, and few attempts have

Reviving A Classic Genre

The video game industry was dominated by wisecracking mascot platformers for decades. Over time, that scene dried up, with few successful franchises remaining outside of Nintendo’s established stable. Yooka-Laylee is a callback to the heyday of the 3D platformer, but through modernization, polish, and a whole lot of creativity, it


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