Quentin Taratino Might Direct A Star Trek Movie With JJ Abrams Producing

Acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino has hatched an idea for a Star Trek movie that he could direct as one of his final films. This is according to Deadline, which cites sources saying he shared his idea with Star Trek reboot director JJ Abrams, and that the idea is to get writers together to listen to Tarantino’s pitch and then start the process of making a film. Deadline reports that Tarantino may direct, with Abrams onboard to produce.

Deadline points out that Tarantino has never directed an entry in an established film series, so this would be new territory for the Oscar winner. But he has done that on TV, as he directed episodes of CSI and ER. As the site explains, Tarantino is known for his creative control on his projects, so working on Star Trek–which has an established framework and millions of fans–would be an interesting move.

Star Trek is produced by film company Paramount, which is owned by Sony. Tarantino is already working with the company on a film that will focus in part on the Manson murders.

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