All The Prey Passwords And Keycodes

Prey is packed with rooms to unlock, safes to break into, and personal computers to access. While you’re encouraged to scour the environment for the passwords and keycodes required to open these things, some can be particularly challenging to find. To help you in your struggle, we’ve compiled all the passwords and keycodes for your reference and overall convenience.

Unchanged Keycodes

While most of the game’s keycodes are randomized, there are several that are set in stone. Below you can find the codes for the following rooms and safes:

Safe/Door Location Code
Debriefing Safe Neuromod Division 5150
Morgan Yu’s Office Talos I Lobby 0451
Security Safe Talos I Lobby 0526
Holding Room Talos I Lobby 1129
I.T. Department Talos I Lobby 0913
Dr. DeVries’ Safe Talos I Lobby 7324
Dr. Thorstein’s Safe Hardware Labs 9954
Armory Psychotronics 8714
Dr. Calvino’s Safe Crew Quarters 0523
Dr. Igwe’s Cargo Container Talos I Exterior 2312
Reactor Room Power Plant 3845

Passwords And Keycodes

Hacking is an easy way to bypass a keypad that’s preventing you from accessing a locked room or workstation. But instead of wasting your resources attempting to do so, try searching the environment. You can easily find the necessary passwords or keycodes needed to progress if you investigate notes, read emails, or listen to audio recordings. Alternatively, you can find details on where to find all of the game’s passwords and keycodes below.

Password/Keycode Location How to Find
Marco Simmons’ Password Neuromod Division: Simulation Debriefing Password is in the note attached to Simmons’ workstation.
Security Booth Keycode Neuromod Division: Foyer When you return here later in the game, grab the note beside Divya Naaz’s body.
Security Station Password Neuromod Division: Foyer Found on the same note beside Divya’s Naaz’s body.
Jason Chang’s Password Talos I Lobby: Executive Offices Read the note attached to Jason Chang’s workstation.
Volunteer Quarters Keycode Talos I Lobby: Executive Offices Read Volunteer Attitude email attached to Bianca Goodwind’s workstation.
Pilot’s Lounge Keycode Talos I Lobby: Staff Lounge Listen to the “This Isn’t a Drill” found on Octavia Figgss’ TranScribe.
Director Thorstein’s Office Keycode Hardware Labs: Thadeus York’s Workstation Read the email: “You’re in Charge.”
Group: Small Scale Testing Password Hardware Labs: Small Scale Testing Search the floor for a clipboard and read the attached note.
Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode Hardware Labs: Small Scale Testing Read the email: “If You Need Supplies.” It’s on the Small Scale Testing workstation.
Ballistics Lab Key Safe Keycode Hardware Labs: Ballistics Lab Found in a note in the corner, beneath a grate. (Leverage I required)
Machine Shop Supply Closet Keycode Talos I Exterior Listen to the “First Thing Tomorrow” recording found in Dr. Calvino’s TranScribe.
Armory Keycode Psychotronics: Armory Let Aaron Ingram live.
Maintenance Tunnel Keycode G.U.T.S.: Maintenance Tunnel Grab the note from Kimberly Bomo’s body.
Magnetosphere Control Room Safe Keycode G.U.T.S.: Magnetosphere Restroom Move toilet paper roll on the shelf in the restroom to find a note.
Julien Howard’s Password Arboretum Read the note near Iris Stein’s body.
Fitness Center Keycode Crew Quarters: Concierge Find the Security Station and read the email: “New Gym Code.”
Abigail Foy’s Password Crew Quarters: Abigail Foy’s Cabin Look under Abigail’s desk to find a note.
Calvino’s Safe Keycode Crew Quarters: Lorenzo Calvino’s Cabin Listen to the “Calvino’s Notes 3” audio log found on Calvino’s workstation.
Fitness Center Keycode Crew Quarters: Cabins B Restroom Read the note found inside the restroom.
Mall Room Keycode Crew Quarters: Habitation Pods Read the note found in Anders Kilne’s habitation pod.
Freezer Keycode Crew Quarters: Kitchen Watch the cook open up the freezer.
Executive Suites Keycode Crew Quarters: Will Mitchell’s Cabin Go to Will Mitchell’s workstation, and read the email: “Food Request for Alex.”
Executive Suites Keycode Crew Quarters: Recycler Room Read the note attached to the table.
Executive Suites Keycode Crew Quarters: Fitness Center Go to Emma Beatty’s workstation, and read the email: “Personal Training Session.”
Stairwell Keycode Deep Storage: Corporate Information Technology Find the note near Zachary West’s workstation.
Ivy Song’s Password Deep Storage: Corporate Information Technology Find the note near Zachary West’s workstation.
Deep Storage Safe Keycodes Deep Storage: Command Center Read the note behind Danielle Sho’s workstation.
Gus Magill’s Password Cargo Bay: Shipping and Receiving Lift the phone next next to Gus Magill’s desk to find a note.
Cargo Bay A Security Safe Keycode Cargo Bay: Quartermaster’s Office Talk to Sarah Elazar.
Parts Storage Keycode Power Plant: Monitoring Listen to the “Keycode Change: Parts Storage” audio log found on Duncan Krassikoff’s TranScribe.
Price Broadway’s Password Life Support: Water Treatment Facility Open the supply crate next to Price Broadway’s workstation to find a note.
Life Support Storage Room Keycode Life Support: Oxygen Flow Control Room Read the note found in the Oxygen Flow Control room.
Security Station Safe Keycode Life Support: Main Lift Access Pick up the note on Erica Teague’s body.
Bridge Safe Keycode Talos I Bridge: Captain’s Loft Grab the book on Captain Loft’s desk to find a note.

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