Pokémon Go Developer Announces Ingress Prime And Ingess Anime For 2018

The creators of Pokémon Go have announced it is beginning development on a follow-up for the game that started its real-world ARG experiments. Though no other details were offered, Niantic also says an anime based on Ingress is also coming next year.

Ingress pre-dates Pokémon Go and it established many of the mechanics that made Pokémon Go the massive success that it is. You can learn more about Ingress by heading here, but here are some details about the game’s fiction:

In Ingress’ fiction, the world is filled with portals –
often tied to art and other points of interest – which offer a link to a
mysterious extra-dimensional energy source, XM. Some people, the so-called
Enlightened, see it as a stepping-stone toward the next stage in human
evolution. The Resistance see it differently, and are working to keep humanity
free from the influence of XM and the Shapers, an alien intelligence behind it
all. The story is told through comics, novels, and a series of polished news
broadcasts on the Ingress YouTube channel.

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Ingress Prime (check out the teaser trailer above) expands the game’s fiction, and will completely redesign the user-interface and sound design among other changes and updates. You can check out two comparison videos for the updated Ingress below.

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Ingress Prime is planned for launch next year and while it will reset the global game board, current players will be able to keep all their in-game progression, levels, and items.

Ingress Prime marks Niantic’s second big announcement in recent months. Last month, the developer announced plans for a Harry Potter game.

[Source: ingressprime.com]


Our Take
After all its success, Niantic certainly deserves the opportunity to return to its original IP and continue expanding that game. It is the progenitor of this budding genre, after all. But with all that being said, Pokémon Go still has major issues that need to be addressed, and with its development efforts focused across three games (Pokémon, Harry Potter, and Ingress) I worry the studio is stretching itself, and all the games might suffer as a result.

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