Jak II, Jak 3, And Jak X Combat Racing Arrive As PS2 Classics On PS4 December 6

While Jak & Daxter’s first outing, The Precursor Legacy, has been available as a PS2 Classic on the PlayStation 4, the rest of the series has been floating in the ether for a few months. Sony has confirmed that will no longer be the case come December 6.

Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing, all weirdly differently structured titles, will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 digitally next week. They can be purchased either as a bundle or separately.

Jak II took the strange tact of going for a more serious tone after the playful cereal box mascot atmosphere of the first game. Jak 3 eschewed some of that Grand Theft Auto influence and also roman numerals. Jak X was a racing game wherein all of Jak’s friends got poisoned and had to win a race for the antidote but they all tried to kill each other during the race which does not make much pragmatic sense.

You can check out the release trailer for these PS2 Classics here. As PS2 Classics, they’re not full remasters, but the resolution is upgraded and they do have trophy support.

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