GTA 5 Online Now Offers Previously Exclusive Vehicles To All Players

Rockstar has revealed the latest slate of weekly deals and bonuses in Grand Theft Auto V’s ( GTA 5 ) Online mode and announced plans to sell previously exclusive content to all players.

When GTA V moved from last generation consoles to PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Rockstar offered returning players certain exclusives, such as the Dodo seaplane and Duke O’Death. As of today, those are now available for sale to all GTA Online players.

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Here’s what you can buy that you may not have been able to previously:

  • Marshall monster truck
  • Dodo seaplane
  • Kraken submarine
  • Imponte Dukes car
  • Declasse Stallion car
  • Blista Compact car
  • Hatchet

If you’re one of those players who made the transition from a last-gen version of the game and purchased any of these, you’ll receive a refund. Any money you spent on them will be returned to your in-game Maze Bank account within the next week.

Today also sees the launch of the next in-game bonus and discount event. From now through May 1, Contact missions will offer double RP and GTA$ rewards. That money will go even further than usual if you’re in the market for an Executive Office or armored vehicles, which are among the things on sale:

GTA V - GTA 5 online free

50% off

  • Special Cargo Warehouses

25% off

  • Executive Offices
  • Progen Itali GTB
  • Truffade Nero
  • Dewbauchee Specter
  • Karin Armored Kuruma
  • HVY Insurgent
  • Karin Technical
  • Benefactor Turreted Limo
  • Benny’s upgrades
  • Body armor
  • All ammo

Finally, a new Premium race has begun and will be available through April 24. This one, Surf and Turf, only allows you to use the Blazer Aqua. As usual, only the top three finishers will receive any of the large GTA$ rewards, but everyone who takes part will receive triple RP.

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