Fresh Code Vein Screenshots Show Off New Snowy Environment

Bandai Namco has shared a new batch of screenshots for its upcoming vampire action-RPG, Code Vein. The images show off a new Blood Veil and provide a closer look at one of the game’s different environments.

Blood Veils in Code Vein allow you to pull off “powerful blood drain attacks” which will regain Ichor–the substance needed to unleash special abilities called Gifts. The new screenshots Bandai Namco shared showcase the Ivy Blood Veil. According to a press release, the Ivy Blood Veil “unleashes a swift attack, producing thorns that emerge from the ground, piercing enemies from afar.”

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Ivy isn’t the only type of Blood Veil players will be able to equip in Code Vein; others include Hounds, Ogre, and Stinger, though Bandai Namco hasn’t revealed any further details on those. However, the publisher did confirm that each Blood Veil will have its own distinct attack power and range, and players will be able to switch Blood Veils “for the appropriate circumstances.”

In addition to the Ivy Blood Veil, Bandai Namco also released screenshots of another area of the game called the Ridge of Frozen Souls. The publisher describes the location as a “harrowing mountain pass that features limited visibility, narrow ledges, deep snow, and an ice-covered cave.” The snow-encrusted ridge stands in stark contrast to the ruined metropolitan environments that have been more commonly shown off thus far and is home to a “massive armored enemy,” which you can see in the images below.

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Code Vein is slated to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2018. The game is being developed by the team responsible for the God Eater series and doesn’t have an easier difficulty setting; instead, players will be able to freely change their character’s stats throughout the game to adapt to new challenges. We recently captured 16 minutes of English gameplay footage featuring one of Code Vein’s fearsome bosses, the Queen’s Knight.

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