Cosplayer Brings Samus Aran To Life With Ultra Realistic Varia Suit

After more than five years of hard work, Talaaya Cosplay has created an outstanding recreation of Nintendo’s prolific bounty hunter’s armor.

Created in her spare time over the course of five years, the Varia Suit cosplay offers a proportionate recreation of Samus Aran’s iconic power armor. Talaaya has utilized crafting foam, 3D printing, and many other materials and techniques over the course of several hundreds of hours to create the suit. 

“In 2010 when I attended my first PAX Prime I saw all of the cosplay and was inspired,” Talaaya says in an interview with Inven Global. “I immediately started thinking of ideas for my own cosplay and it didn’t take long to settle on Samus as my first (I love a good challenge and boy can I pick them!)”

Talaaya continues to work on and improve the suit, offering videos, pictures, and updates on adjustments and progress made through her website. Videos of the current build of the suit can be viewed below.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

(Please visit the site to view this media)

[Source: Inven Global]

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