Client of Kourend – new oldschool runescape quest

Client of Kourend

Will you help Veos handle a mysterious client?

You can start the Client of Kourend quest by talking to Veos on the Piscarillius Pier. There are no requirements to start this quest.

Kourend quest

If you complete the Client of Kourend quest, you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • Two experience lamps which provide 500 XP each.
  • An instant 20% favour increase in any house within Great Kourend.
  • Permanently doubled rate of gaining favour in all houses within Great Kourend.


New osrs quest! Kourend

New osrs quest!


Slayer Tower Bonus

Previously, completing the elite Morytania Achievement Diary has rewarded you with 10% increased Slayer experience when completing an assignment within the Slayer Tower.


New slayer tower update on old scool Runescape!

New slayer tower update on old scool Runescape!

We’ve now added a similar reward to the lower tiers of the Morytania Achievement Diary, with the easy, medium and hard diaries offering 2.5%, 5% and 7.5% Slayer experience boosts respectively.


In other news

  • Cerberus will now play a sound when she performs her flame attack.
  • The message displayed when killing the Black Knight Titan in Nightmare Zone is now filtered by the game message filter.
  • Chaeldar can now assign TzHaar as a Slayer task, for players who have unlocked that assignment on the rewards menu. Her TzHaar task sizes range from 90 to 150. She also offers the chance to go for TzTok-Jad.
  • The Grand Exchange teleports now take you closer to the clerks. On PvP worlds this will put you within the safe area.


  • Removed a reference to the TzHaar-Mej when completing Karamja Achievement Diaries
  • The Easter Egg helmet will now remove the players’ hair temporarily when worn.

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  1. Runescape A friend April 20, 2017 | Reply

    Amazing! new quest, and sayer xp boost?! Yes please! Gonna make video about it on my youtube channel soon ( A friend )! Thanks!

    • RockTheFlag April 20, 2017 | Reply

      Thanks! Will be waiting for your video, A friend 😉

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