Breath Of The Wild’s Champion’s Ballad DLC Will Be Available Tonight

Nintendo has released a new trailer for their second Breath of the Wild DLC, The Champions’ Ballad. Also, you can download starting tonight.

The trailer shows flashbacks to the journeys of the Champions of 100 years ago – Daruk, Mihpa, Reveali, and Urbosa. We then see images of some new shrines, outfits, a new Guardian-style horse players can summon, a cute dog (its gameplay or story implications are unclear but it’s cute as heck). Finally, we see a motorcycle called Master Cycle Zero, which players can earn by completing all of the challenges in The Champions’ Ballad.

The trailer also revealed that the DLC will be available for download starting tonight. While you wait for the DLC to download, you can watch the trailer below.

(Please visit the site to view this media)

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