What is 4K and HDR?

4K and HDR are terms that have been tossed around a lot lately, especially since the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft will support both features. But what are 4K and HDR, exactly? We provide all the important details in Q&A format down below. 4K What is 4K? In regards

PlayStation Vue TV Service Adds New Sports Package

Sony’s PlayStation Vue TV service has steadily expanded both its programming and its regional availability over the past couple of years, and today it received a big addition in the form of a new, sports-centric package. Vue subscribers can now watch all the sports analysis they can handle by purchasing

Atomic Blonde Review

There’s one line, uttered toward the end Atomic Blonde‘s twist-filled finale, that perfectly sums up the movie’s problems. A character who throughout the film has seemed to be more or less in control finally breaks down and, speaking directly to the camera, reveals that “there’s only one question left to


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