A Stumble On The First Step

As the daughter of the world-renowned Professor Layton, Katrielle has a lot to prove – both in the fiction of the Layton universe and in the real world. Katrielle’s first adventure marks a reboot for the series, with a new protagonist and a new platform (though it is coming to

Miitopia Review

One of Nintendo’s more enduring creations from the past decade are “Miis”–cartoony, user-created avatars that have since appeared in numerous titles across Nintendo platforms. Nintendo has expanded upon these avatars through games like the 3DS StreetPass titles and Tomodachi Life, which saw players put Miis in a variety of comedic

A Featherweight Competitor

In a genre as crowded as the MOBA, games live or die in the details. Because their extended learning curves, these minor difference matter more than in most other kinds of games. Though Gigantic ticks off many of the boxes that players might want from a MOBA, it also removes

Miis Face A Long, Quirky Journey

Nintendo’s Miis have been dependable company ambassadors for more than a decade. Would Wii Sports have been nearly as much fun if you couldn’t bowl with cartoon versions of your family? As avatars they’ve been utility players, gamely participating in whatever action Nintendo has thrown at them, whether it’s losing

Sundered Review

At first, Sundered seems like one of the many attempts by modern developers to recreate and reiterate upon the classic 2D Metroidvania formula. It closely follows in the lineage of its forbearers, but in doing so, it manages to take its best parts and mold them into a surprisingly fresh

A Heartwarming Tale Of Fatherhood And Dating

The subject of dads dating other dads may sound like a strange topic for a visual novel, but developer Game Grumps (known for its animated YouTube series) makes the concept engaging with character-driven stories about parenthood, love, and loss – all while you date a bunch of hot dads. You

Nintendo’s Intergalactic Strategy Falls Flat In 2D

Captain Olimar has crash-landed so many times they should revoke his astronaut license. Fortunately, the adorable, plant-like creatures known as Pikmin are always eager to help this hapless alien piece together this ship and send him home. After crash-landing on another foreign world full of Earth-like relics in Hey Pikmin,

Hey Pikmin Review

Poor Captain Olimar can’t catch a break. Seemingly on the same planet as before, the protagonist of the Pikmin series has lost his way yet again in Hey Pikmin. As the series’ debut on the 2DS/3DS, it’s significantly different than the GameCube and Wii U iterations, but still uses the

A Tale Of Fantasy Sports

Supergiant’s games are unmistakable. Characterized by immaculate world building, lush colors, exaggerated character models, and hip-but-poignant soundtracks, the studio behind Bastion and Transistor has established a firm aesthetic. Pyre follows through on those style conventions, but switches gears in the gameplay department. The team’s latest is a unique mixture, melding

Pyre Review

Editor’s note: Pyre was designed and written by former GameSpot editor in chief, Greg Kasavin. Competitors strive to win. Criminals yearn for freedom. These pursuits go hand in hand in Pyre, the latest game from Bastion and Transistor developer Supergiant Games. And like those games, Pyre enchants your eyes and

A Whole New World Of Hurt

The End Is Nigh is a grotesque, brutal platformer that can infuriate you with demanding gameplay, then reward you with the high of conquering a seemingly impossible gauntlet. That formula probably sounds familiar to fans of 2010’s Super Meat Boy, and that’s intentional. Many of those basics remain in place

A Fresh Coat Of Ink

By combining engrossing gameplay with unique objectives and a fun aesthetic, Nintendo successfully cultivated the original Splatoon into a hit. With Splatoon 2, much of what made the first game good is wisely kept, while new ideas and modes make for a much stronger experience out of the gate. The


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