A Somber Rabbit Hole

Rime begins with a child suddenly waking up in a mysterious location. As a player, you have no idea why you’re there, how you got there, or what your goal is. It’s an opening that has become increasingly familiar in the world of independent and indie-style games, but it’s an

Rime Review

Rime feels a bit like someone telling you the only way you can see the Mona Lisa is by first having to unlock a heavy safe–the painting is beautiful, but my god, why did you make seeing it so bloody difficult? Although Rime looks and sounds gorgeous, its visual splendor

Searching The Wreckage

Video games have been telling stories for decades, but what makes recent narrative-focused titles like Gone Home and What Remains of Edith Finch unique is the role of player interaction. As you explore the environments and learn about the characters, you feel connected to the worlds in ways that aren’t

What Remains of Edith Finch Review

The minute What Remains of Edith Finch puts its titular protagonist face to face with its slapdash Frankenstein’s monster of a house, it seems the game is gearing up for a horror story, closer to Resident Evil than Gone Home. That’s actually close to the truth in one sequence, but

Having A Blast In Minor League

At its best, Deformers offers something for every kind of a competitive player: novices can expect simple, intuitive controls that emphasize smart movement and tactics over rote memorization, while veterans will find room for nuance and cool tricks that can easily distinguish a good player from a bad one. A

The Best Of The Boxes

With its third entry, HAL Laboratory proves that Boxboy (which is now safe to call a full-on series) has room for plenty of creativity beyond simply making platforms with boxes. Players control Qbby, a box who can create other boxes out of his body. For the third entry, Qbby can

Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review

Previous entries in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series have been justifiably criticized for their stifling linearity. Missions would regularly guide you by the hand through one cramped corridor after another, with a succession of targets ripe for elimination along the way. It wasn’t a formula conducive to the type of

Crashing Into The Boards

With highly conditioned athletes, strong defensive structures, and insanely talented forwards who can deflect 90 mph slap shots out of midair, the modern NHL is a high-speed, thrill-a-minute affair. But back in the ‘70s, hockey had a much different personality. During those glory years of the sport, enforcers settled team

Do Not Resuscitate

In a time where virtually everyone has had their fill of internet trolls and inflammatory comments, Drawn To Death stands out as the sterling answer to a question no one has ever asked: How can we make online gaming even more obnoxious and offensive than it already is? If you

Mystery Repeats Itself

The Sexy Brutale is a stately English mansion that has been converted into a casino for the richest and most eccentric personalities in the world. If you’re lucky, you can walk away from your visit with newfound riches and tales of daring. If you’re unlucky, The Sexy Brutale’s staff murders

Tiresome Mayhem – Mr. Shifty review

Mr. Shifty starts off on a promising note. You play the eponymous hero, infiltrating a skyscraper to steal a valuable piece of technology. Shifty has the impressive ability to teleport short distances, passing through walls and enemies to reach his target. The entire game hinges on this mechanic, and it


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