A Hardcore Encore

Since its release in 2014, Guilty Gear Xrd has developed a reputation as a great but underappreciated fighter. Its feverish (and sometimes overwhelming) pace is a nice midpoint between fun and complexity. Its diverse characters all have different tricks up their buckle-laden sleeves, its learning tools are second to none,

The Town Of Light Review

The Town Of Light feels like a victim of its own design. While it tells an interesting albeit disturbing story of mental health treatment in the early 1900s, it’s plagued by repetitious gameplay, long load times, and visual issues that hold it back from delivering the impact it strives to

Steel Division: Normandy ’44 Review

Steel Division: Normandy ’44 is a very peculiar sort of real-time strategy game. Instead of trying to encapsulate hundreds of years of history or even the entirety of a single war, Steel Division is all about the specifics. Your pool of units is limited to a few key types. The

Punching Up

Many Nintendo fans remember the Punch-Out franchise fondly. The rudimentary exploration of boxing’s sweet science challenged players to find the best strategy against each opponent and capitalize upon weaknesses to rise up the ranks and eventually claim the championship. Arms explores similar mechanics while pushing the concept far into the

Arms Review

As a quirky Nintendo take on fighting games, Arms doesn’t start off on the right foot. Its unique fighting mechanics are hard to get used to, and learning its unusual controls and cadence can initially be frustrating. But once you wrap your head around the basics, you begin to recognize

Another Stage Conquered

New iterations of a franchise always promise more than the last one, but it doesn’t always net out to a better game. While Dirt 4 packs more features than 2015’s Dirt Rally and previous numbered Dirt games, its victory as a racing title is not just about its features, but

Wipeout Omega Collection Review

Wipeout Omega Collection is not a history lesson. It most certainly doesn’t remind players of Wipeout’s significance during PlayStation’s early years. It isn’t a greatest hits package either–given the absence of Wipeout XL and 3–although this gorgeous remastered trio of games represents a hefty helping of the series’ most recent

Dirt 4 Review

2015’s Dirt Rally was a game designed for off-road enthusiasts. With its steep learning curve, uncompromising difficulty, and an adherence to nerve-wracking authenticity, it was an altogether different beast than the Dirt series’ more histrionic entries. Rather than go back to the mainstream, American flavoured well with Dirt 4, Codemasters’

Tekken 7 Review

The Tekken series has a long-standing reputation in arcades, but for many players it was the console ports that left a lasting impression. These versions often introduced offbeat, dramatic story campaigns, as well as more extensive additions such as delightfully odd beat-’em-up and sport modes. And in recent years, the

Friday The 13th: The Game Review

When we published our review in progress of Friday the 13th last week, it was after a couple days of playing relatively smooth matches on PC. Since launch day, the PC version has remained our go-to option, but more out of necessity than by choice. On both PlayStation 4 and

Part Of The Fantasy

A hail of torpedoes rockets in from multiple vectors. After my tactical officer disables the Klingon shields, I disregard our own safety and give the order to drop our shields and initiate transport. Desperate seconds pass as we lock on and beam the prisoners aboard, even as my helmsman evades


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