The Pillars Of The Earth Review

For those with patience, there’s a wonderful story of political corruption, self-discovery, and religious reliance to be found in The Pillars of the Earth. However, for anyone with a short attention span, it’d be hard to recommend this game as its slow pace and often drip-feed-style storytelling can make it

A Tale Of Two Halves

Fans are sometimes confused by the players NFL teams draft. Players are taken at positions the team is already strong at, while weaknesses are seemingly ignored. Fans deem some players a reach, and don’t understand why their favorites weren’t drafted. A coherent philosophy is not always apparent from the outside

Thumper Review

Update: The score now reflects the Xbox One version of Thumper, and the review text has been amended to reflect our experience with the Switch version. Please scroll to the bottom to find the updated content. Despite recent efforts to revive brands like Rock Band and Amplitude, there’s a general

The Heart Of Adventure Is Bigger Than One Hero

Nathan Drake’s days of adventuring are over. As we watched him hang up his holster and rope to begin a new chapter in his life, Naughty Dog’s scribes doubled down on the message of “it’s over.” Video game protagonists rarely walk off into the sunset, but Drake’s farewell is as

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Review

Team chemistry abounds in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, which is not surprising for a side story to a series famous for its AI-partner-driven gameplay. A decade’s worth of adventures and a conclusive epilogue might place franchise mainstay Nathan Drake on permanent retirement, so now is as fitting a moment as

Picking Up The Pace

The premiere episode of Minecraft: Story Mode’s new season faced pacing issues, but it effectively set up the rest of the season with an interesting antagonist that rivaled the Wither Storm from the first season. With that in mind, I looked ahead with curiosity on where the next entry would

The Long Dark Review

As The Long Dark emerges after years in early access, it introduces the first two chapters in a five-part story, called Wintermute. The game’s demanding survival mechanics have the potential to mesh well with the story of a plane crash survivor stuck in the Canadian wilderness of Great Bear, but

Absurd Explosive Fun

In many ways, Agents of Mayhem feels like a child smashing action figures together and making explosion sound effects. On one hand (the one holding the bad guy), the game is a shallow rumination on good versus evil. On the other hand (the one holding the hero), it’s silly in

Agents Of Mayhem Review

Agents of Mayhem isn’t subtle. The single-player action-adventure game from Saints Row developer Volition is all about being larger than life, with intense superhero-versus-supervillain combat and raunchy protagonists who drop F-bombs as much as they drop real bombs. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t offer much more than a “to the extreme”

You Shall Know Your Velocity

Housemarque has made its named developing fast-paced arcade shooters like Super Stardust, Resogun, and Nex Machina. These games delight in colorful explosions, velocity, and thumping soundtracks. The developer’s latest, Matterfall, has all those qualities, but also stands apart from the pack with its interesting combination of twin-stick shooting and platforming.

Matterfall Review

Matterfall is another game in developer Housemarque’s particle-effect-heavy catalog. Drenched in neon and engulfed in a thumping techno soundtrack, it posits itself as a game for those interested in tackling challenging side-scrolling action and chasing high scores. And while the intense action and pulsating score make Matterfall a thrill to

Surviving A Brutal Winter

If The Long Dark teaches you one thing, it’s that the wilderness is terrifying but beautiful. Danger lurks around every corner, and you can succumb to death in even the calmest moments. With its hyper-realistic mechanics, this difficult-but-satisfying survival game plunges you into the depths of a harsh Canadian winter.


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